FLEX Recurve | Limb Kit

FLEX Recurve | Limb Kit
FLEX Recurve | Limb Kit
FLEX Recurve | Limb Kit

FLEX Recurve | Limb Kit

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Your New Archery Journey Starts Here

The Elite Flex is not just a product; it's an invitation to reconnect with the outdoors and challenge yourself in new ways. In a world filled with distractions, it’s important to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of nature.

The Elite Flex offers an experience that goes beyond the compound. It requires more time and care, encouraging you to savor each moment of the journey. That’s the essence we capture with the Elite Flex.

As Elite Archery’s first fully customizable recurve, the Elite Flex builds on decades of engineering success with Shootability at the forefront. Elite’s patent-pending ARC (adjustable riser configuration) combined with ILF adjustment blocks bring a new level of innovation to the archery industry. The carbon fiber limbs with a bamboo core and an adjustable/removable shelf provide the archer with endless options for fine-tuning.

This year, many archers will experience the unique satisfaction of harvesting game with the Elite Flex. We hope you join them on this journey. Embrace the outdoors with the Elite Flex and discover the exceptional shooting experience it offers. Enter your email below to see a list of authorized dealers.

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ARC Archery Riser


The patent-pending Adjustable Riser Configuration (ARC) technology gives archers unparalleled versatility, effectively providing two bows in one. The Elite Flex features short, medium, or long limb options. Simply moving the pocket from its standard mounting position near the riser grip to the mounting holes furthest from the grip, archers can lengthen the bow, helping with stack up and customizing it to their ideal length.
Linear ILF

Adjustment Blocks

The Flex ILF system is equipped with lateral adjustment within the riser to ensure maximum limb string alignment for a comfortable and accurate shooting experience. The Elite Flex is compatible with all ILF-configured limbs, providing further versatility and customization options for archers.

Carbon Fiber Limbs

Carbon fiber limbs with a flexible bamboo core guarantee a comfortable draw cycle, less hand vibration, and a quieter shot. They also provide optimal arrow speed, allowing for more kinetic energy, enhancing both performance and comfort during use.

Adjustable and Removable Shelf

The adjustable and removable shelf allows archers to micro-tune for optimal arrow flight, accommodating various shooting styles and arrow setups. It also offers the option to remove the shelf and use a stick-on or bolt-on rest with a plunger, providing additional versatility and customization for each archer's unique needs.

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