Elite Archery believes that our customers are top priority and we want our customers to be 100% confident in their bows. Elite Archery is comprised of dedicated and passionate bow hunters –for this reason, we offer a unique guarantee for our hunting customers.


● You are on the hunt of a lifetime and you accidentally touch your broadhead to your string.

● You are taking your one-week vacation to hunt with your friends and your buddy dry-fires your bow.

If there isn’t a bow shop close by, your hunt is over...


No matter where you are or what happened to your bow, Elite will send a bow to you at no charge the very next day so that you can finish your hunt. This bow is on loan from Elite Archery and not intended to replace your damaged bow. The loaner bow will arrive with your requested draw weight and length, with a rest, sight and peep installed. The bow will be tuned and ready to shoot. It will only need to be sighted in with the customer’s arrows.

If something happens to your bow while on your hunt, please call us at 877.503.5483 and speak with our Customer Service team.

The bow must be returned to us in the condition that they were shipped with all accessories. The loaner bow must be sent using a shipping company that provides package tracking.

Our goal is to make sure you can finish your hunt, no matter where you are, no matter what happened.

* Please note that bows which have reached the end of their usable life are no longer covered under a warranty and are no longer eligible for the Elite Hunt Guarantee.


Elite Archery combines a unique Hunt Guarantee with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for an Elite Promise that gives hunters and archers peace of mind knowing Elite Archery stands behind its products, dealers, and customers.


Elite Archery stands behind the workmanship and overall quality of its bows through a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the ORIGINAL OWNER. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable and is valid only on the purchase of a new bow from an Authorized Elite Archery Partner. Bows purchased online, from mail order or from an unauthorized Elite Archery Retailer will not be covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty. You must register your Elite bow within 30 days of purchase on the Warranty Registration. Register your bow here.

This warranty covers the riser, pockets, limbs, and eccentrics against defects in material and workmanship. The Elite Archery Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover strings, cables, decoration, and overall finish of the bow. Elite Archery recommends the use of only genuine Elite replacement or aftermarket strings, manufactured by Winner’s Choice Bowstrings. The use of bowstrings or cables by any other manufacturer that does not meet the Elite specifications may void the Limited Lifetime Warranty. Alterations or modifications to any portion of the bow by the consumer may also void this Limited Lifetime Warranty. The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover misuse or abuse of the bow such as dry-firing, dropping, intentional, or unintentional damage, etc. Elite Archery reserves the right to deny warranty coverage in the event that misuse is observed.

Elite Archery retains the right to replace components with equivalent components that may be of different design or decoration. Elite Archery may also request to visually inspect failed components prior to issuing parts and/or service.

There are no other warranties expressed or implied binding Elite Archery, Certified Elite Archery Retailers and Certified Elite Archery International Distributors.