Strings, Cables, & Tuning for all Elite Bows

Elite recommend you cycle the bow 100-126 times to settle the string and cables into the grooves. To adjust your peep sight, simply twist the string from the bottom in 1/2 turn increments until the peep sight aligns. In some cases, this may need to be repeated after cycling and an additional 150-200 shots.

We recommend waxing the string often. To wax the string, apply wax liberally to the entire length of the string. Rub briskly with fingers until the string appears slick. Remove excess was with a clean towel or cloth. Waxing every other time you shoot with lengthen the life of your string and cable sets.

When setting the center shot on a modern Elite bow, measure from inside the riser from the berger hold to the center of the arrow.

We recommend shooting arrows that weigh no less than 5 grains per pound of draw weight. Using arrows with less than 5 grains per pound will void any and al l warranties and could cause bodily harm to yourself or damage your bow.