S.E.T. Technology: Hype or Game-Changer? Unveiling the Truth!

You are looking into getting a new bow, you keep seeing the phrase, “Elite Archery S.E.T. Technology,” and so it has you wondering “what is S.E.T Technology?” Is it hype or is it something that sets Elite’s apart from other bows on the market? Step into the future of archery with S.E.T. Technology – a groundbreaking innovation reshaping the industry. As archery enthusiasts seek the ultimate edge, S.E.T. Technology emerges as a formidable force, promising heightened precision, enhanced performance, and a revolution in the way bows perform for the archer. 

Poor arrow flight is one of the most common issues archers have that affects accuracy. Many do not even realize it; field points will fly fine, but broadheads will not. S.E.T. Technology eliminates the frustrations of tuning a bow by allowing the user to micro-adjust the limb pivot angle, which changes the position of the cams (the lean) as well as the bow's lateral position (center shot), optimizing arrow flight. S.E.T. Technology makes it simple to achieve perfect tune and an incomparable level of accuracy that elevates the Shootability experience we are proud to call Elite. 

But don’t just take our word for it: 

“In my opinion, S.E.T. is the finest tuning system on the market. It’s easy to use. Anyone can use it. And it works. That’s a winning combination!”  - P.J. Reilly, Outdoor Life Bow Review   

S.E.T. stands for Simplified. Exact. Tuning.

Why make tuning complicated when it doesn't have to be?

This revolutionary advancement is not just hype; it's a genuine game-changer. With its strategic enhancements, S.E.T. Technology has proven its worth in elevating precision, performance, and the overall archery experience. As archers embrace this cutting-edge innovation, it's clear that S.E.T. is not merely a trend but a transformative force in the world of bows and arrows. The future of archery has arrived, and S.E.T. Technology is leading the way into a new era of unparalleled accuracy and enjoyment. Test out this innovative technology in our Elite bows at your Local Elite Retailer today!