Omnia: Prepared For All. Ready For Anything.

This season be prepared for all and ready for anything with the 2023 Elite Omnia. Reaching speeds up to 347 feet per second, the Elite Omnia brings a seemly unachievable shooting experience to life through a foundation of Shootability, added performance and a customizable feel with V2 Micro Mod Let-Off adjustment that’s unlike ever before.

Highlights & Features:
  • Shootable Speed Reaches Up to 347 Feet Per Second
  • Feel The Change From Start To Finish With The Delta VRT Which Virtually Eliminates Any Residual Vibration
  • Micro Let-Off Allows You To Fine Tune Your Holding Weight Down To A Single Percentage Point 
  • Wide Limbs Create Rock Solid Platform Which Contributes To Enhanced Amiability & Faster Shot Acquisition
  • SET Technology – Simplified. Exact. Tuning Increases Accuracy Through Proper Arrow Flight
  • ¼” Draw Length Adjustment Allowing Archers To Fine Tune To Their Precise Draw Length
Experience the signature feel of Elite’s Shootability while reaching new performance heights this year with the Omnia.