3 Reasons Why The Elite Era Sets A New Standard for Carbon Bows

What makes the Era such a strong option for your next carbon bow? Beyond its premium finish, fit and feel, it is also the result of Elite’s desire to truly take innovation to the next level. Rated the Best Compound Bow of 2023 by Outdoor Life, Elite Archery’s Era has set a new standard for carbon bows with its unbeatable level of shootability. 

“The shot. I personally haven’t shot a carbon bow that feels this quiet in the hand. Last year, I said the PSE Levitate changed my expectation of what a carbon bow should feel like. Well, with this bow Elite raised the bar, in my opinion.” - Outdoor Life 

Here are just 3 reasons why the Elite Era sets a new standard for carbon bows: 


    1. Incredibly Strong, Yet Light.

      Deliberately designed. The Era integrates Elite’s signature dual cage riser – which, like Elite’s highly machined aluminum risers, adds rigidity through key transition areas where it’s needed most. Utilizing premium hand-laid carbon to make the bow’s body a mere 3.95-pound weight in its ultra forgiving 31.25” platform.   

        2. Rock Solid Platform Enhances Aim-Ability and Balance

          Uninterrupted accuracy is brought to life through combining wider limbs with a strategic weight distribution on Elite’s dual caged riser, giving the archer a shooting platform that enhances aim-ability and balance for faster shot acquisition. With Elite S.E.T technology, the Era also allows a level of customizability to maintain consistent, unparalleled precision.

            3. Built for The Long Haul 

              Fast and silky smooth, the Era boasts IBO speeds up to 336 FPS and features a forgiving 7 ¼” brace height. Built for the long haul, the Era allows archers to experience superior accuracy and strength on a lightweight and compact package that is warm to the touch and backed by an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty & Hunt Guarantee. 

              To learn more reasons why you should choose the Elite Era as your next carbon bow, click here or Find an Elite Retailer to test one out for yourself!