2022 Elite Archery EnVision

Imagine an enhanced shooting experience that increases your accuracy, confidence, & stealth like never before- EnVision™ Shootability® For 2022, we challenged the rules – in fact, we threw out the rule book on what a bow should look like – and envisioned what the shooting experience could feel like. The 2022 EnVision™ integrates a target inspired design into a compact, stealthy and deadly hunting unit. With wider limbs and a longer, straighter riser, the EnVision™ strategically positions the weight over the grip, and behind the shooter for a balanced and rock-solid platform. Featuring Elite Archery’s proprietary SET Technology- Simplified. Exact. Tuning, the EnVision™ is easily tuned to optimize performance while the nearly 7 inch brace height will leave you experiencing new levels of accuracy. The EnVision’s ASYM Tri-Track Cam System with Versa Performance Mod allows for micro draw length adjustment in just quarter inch increments, can be customized from 70 to 90 percent let-off and ensures downrange devastation with speeds reaching up to 334 FPS. The NEW VRT - Vibration Reduction Technology combined with VibeX blocks stifles noise and virtually eliminates residual vibration. With increased Mountain Series offerings, the EnVision™ also features a 75 pound limb option and new finishes including Mountain Tan & Sienna Brown. Visit your nearest Authorized Elite Archery Retailer to experience & EnVision™ Shootability® today.