Top 3 Reasons Why Elite’s Omnia Bow Is Worth the Upgrade


Considering upgrading your Elite bow, but aren’t sure which model is for you? If you’ve got the need for speed and want a dead accurate piece of equipment that gets the job done, you should consider the 2023 Elite Omnia. Besides being named Best Value Flagship Bow for Field & Stream's Best Compound Bows of 2023; here are the top 3 reasons why the Omnia is worth the upgrade, based on feedback from our consumers: 



It’s Faster. 

The World’s Most Shootable Bow just got faster. Reaching speeds up to 347 feet per second, the Elite Omnia brings a seemingly unachievable shooting experience to life. Higher velocities mean more kinetic energy and penetration, which will increase your success in the field. The Omnia creates a unique opportunity for all archers with its speed and performance, matched with Elite’s Shootability. 


It’s Quiet.  

Not only is it faster, but it’s quiet. Experience Shootability from start to finish with the Omnia’s NEW Delta Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) which works alongside Elite’s VibeX & VRT to further dampen any felt residual vibration, resulting in a pleasurable and whisper-quiet shot. With a bow that is said "to achieve perfect, 10- points scores in both the lack of noise and lack of vibration categories," (Field and Stream) as a bowhunter looking to optimize and control what you can, what more could you ask for? 



It’s Customizable.  

Beyond being faster and quieter, the Omnia makes it easy to be an all-around top choice when it comes to customizability through micro-adjustment capabilities that make it easy to reach that custom feel. 


Featuring the NEW SP Cam along with the V2 Micro Mods, shooters can fully create the exact holding weight, draw length, and back wall preference they desire. Operating in perfect synchronization, the SP Cam substantially optimizes the Omnia's efficiencies for greater performance and the ¼” draw length adjustment allows archers to fine tune to their precise draw length. 


Believed to be "the user-friendliest DIY tuning system on the market" by Field and Stream, Elite's Simplified Exact Tuning (SET) Technology eliminates the frustrations of tuning a bow by allowing the archer to micro-adjust the limb pivot angle, which changes the position of the cams (the lean) as well as the lateral position (center shot) to optimize arrow flight.


Moreover, Elite’s next generation of Versa Mods offers even more customization and, for the first time ever, allows archers the ability to micro tune their holding weight down to 1% within the 70-90% range. Performance Mods come installed standard on the Omnia with both Smooth & 75% Mods also available. 


"The Omnia is a fast, quiet shooter with a wide range of adjustability. None of today's top bows are inexpensive, but the Omnia is the most affordable among our top 5 finishers, which earns it our Best Value Award for 2023's crop of flagship bows." - Field and Stream


Ready to make the upgrade this season to a faster, quieter, and even more customizable bow?