13 bows went head-to-head in the 2023 Outdoor Life Bow Test to determine the all-around Best Value Bow of 2023. They were graded on accuracy, build quality, features, and shooting experience. Which bow came out on top? The Elite Terrain.

Rated the “Best Value Bow of 2023” by Outdoor Life, the Elite Terrain continues to offer the Elite level of shootability by maintaining a premium fit, feel, and finish — all at an unbeatable price.

“I pit this bow against similarly priced offerings from Hoyt, Bowtech, Bear, & PSE when it came time to update my hunting setup. Some were faster or less expensive....but not one felt as good in the hand, during the draw, or after the shot as the Elite. The closest one to it was the Amplify for me, but the Terrain still won me over. Keep making bows of this caliber and I will be a lifelong customer.” - CUSTOMER REVIEW

Elite Archery’s NEW Terrain is the Ultimate Bowhunter-Friendly Design featuring a compact design that’s comfortable to draw, stable to shoot and powerfully accurate. With a rock-solid back wall and ultra forgiving 7” brace height, the Terrain is dependable, durable and deadly.

“If I didn’t know the Terrain’s price, I would have guessed it was around $1,000. That’s because the fit and finish is on par with the best flagships we tested this year. It also doesn’t feel like a budget bow as you draw it and shoot it, which is just as impressive.” - OUTDOOR LIFE

With an IBO speed rating of 325 feet per second, the Terrain utilizes a hybrid cam system that features advanced performance while being incredibly smooth and comfortable to draw. A rotating mod reaches 25 ½” to 31 1/2” draw lengths with adjustments in precise half-inch increments. At less than 4 pounds, the Terrain’s Riser Cage™ aluminum riser is stable and steady while the slim Precision Grip helps balance the bow comfortably for quick shot acquisition. The Terrain’s VibeX Blocks and integrated string stop combine to stifle dynamic vibration for a quiet shot, every time.

“An overlooked factor in buying a bow is how fun it is to shoot. A bow that’s fun to shoot will be fun to practice with, which means you’ll be more prepared for bow season. The Terrain’s draw cycle is easy, the back wall is solid, and it doesn’t rattle when you shoot—all the makings of a fun bow. In the Stress Engineering tests, the Terrain was the quietest and had the least vibration of all the bows under $800.” - OUTDOOR LIFE

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