Elite Archery’s Ruiz, Koppers & Kyle Shine in Yankton

West Henrietta, NY – The NFAA Rushmore Rumble in Yankton, SD marks the beginning of competition season for many professional and amateur archers across the country, and this year’s kickoff was one to watch, with three Elite Archery pros staking claim to the podium in their respective classes.

Shooting the Verdict, Nick Kappers took third in the Men’s Pro division, while Alexis Ruiz and her Verdict finished third in the Women’s Pro. In the Senior Pro class, Team Elite’s Doug Kyle took third with his Era. Nearly missing the shootoff, Elite Archery’s Richard Bowen placed seventh in the Men’s Pro division, and Darrin Christenberry placed 11th in the Senior Pro class.

“Having such a strong showing of Elite shooters out of the gate this year speaks volumes for the confidence our team has with their equipment,” pro staff manager Darrin Christenberry said. “Yankton is always a great tournament for our team. It’s a perfect opportunity to jump into the season, shake off jitters, dial in gear and prepare for the excitement of 2024 – I’m excited to see what the year has in store for Elite.”

Team Elite heads to the Lancaster Archery Classic January 25-28, followed quickly by The Vegas Shoot February 2-4. The 3D team will then travel to Foley, Alabama for the first ASA shoot of the year, while Ruiz and Kappers set their sights on the upcoming World Archery tournament schedule.

“Year after year, my equipment helps propel me in the right direction across the world, and I’m confident that 2024 will provide numerous opportunities to put my Verdict to the test,” said Ruiz.



"Having the ability to make small adjustments on the fly on almost every aspect of the Verdict, without the need of a bow press, sometimes makes the difference between not making the finals and a podium finish," said Kappers.

On shooting the carbon Era, Kyle stated: “The Era gives me all the flexibility I need to deliver the consistency to be successful. From beginning day two in fifth place, to climbing up to third for a podium spot – I couldn’t be more thrilled with how the bow performed.”



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