Unlocking Precision and Power: The Ethos – Elite’s New Hunting Bow Soars to Unprecedented Heights!

Elite Archery's NEW Flagship Aluminum Hunting Bow, the Elite Ethos, capitalizes on everything you loved about the Energy 35 and more...

Simply put, it’s the perfect hunting bow. It feels like a 35-inch axle-to-axle bow, when in reality, it’s a compact 33-inch. The limbs and cams on this bow were intentionally engineered to deliver a 35-inch string angle that gives it that stable feel you’re looking for – all while being the perfect size bow to carry with you. 

Though this bow was primarily made for hunting, it’ll do great as a target or 3D archery. Elite Shooter Lewis Holmes III recently qualified for the shootoff in Vegas using the Ethos. Lewis shot a perfect 900 over three days of qualifications to enter the shootoff finals with the worlds best target shooters. 

The Elite Ethos shoots like a dream with a forgiving and smooth draw cycle that Elite was built on. With its 33" ATA and 6.75" Brace Height, the Elite Ethos, offers elevated performance with IBO speeds of up to 340 feet per second and forgiving adjustability to customize your set up exactly how you want. Making the Elite Ethos the epitome of elevated performance.  

Trust this season to the credibility and accuracy of the 2024 Elite Ethos to provide the perfect hunting bow. With IBO speeds reaching up to 340 feet per second and forgiving adjustability to customize your setup exactly how you want, the Elite Ethos epitomizes elevated performance. Featuring the same comfortable grip, S.E.T. Technology, and V3 Performance mods featured on the efficient SP cam system, providing the ultimate in versatility for your bow. Stop by your Local Elite Retailer to try one out for yourself today!